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 Jefferson Auto sales are the next step in Used Cars evolution. By combining the best aspects of a traditional motorcycle with today’s most advanced technology, Jefferson Auto sales Sell high-performance electric cars that are lightweight, efficient, fast off the line, and fun to ride. Each motorcycle is optimized from the ground up to leverage the revolutionary Z-Force® electric powertrain and uses a specially designed rigid, aircraft-grade aluminum frame to minimize weight.

 Jefferson Auto sales launched in 2014 and in just five years has become the USA’s largest online Car market for buyers and sellers across the country attracting over 1 million car buyers every month, which we are very proud of!

What makes us different I hear you ask? Well, there are a few things. Firstly, we only focus on Bikes, and that means our platform only attracts serious bikes, buyers. I know we all love to hear the words “last price, last price” but with  Jefferson Auto sales, we only focus on real buyers who are genuinely interested in buying your Bike.

With a combination of world-class technology, excellent photos, quality descriptions, industry data, and a team that are passionate about cars (especially about selling your car or helping you find your nextbike) you’ll hear “last price” less and “good deal” more, a lot more.

Found the right bikes but don’t live in the USA? No problem! Most of the dealers using  Jefferson Auto sales are very experienced in exporting cars, bikes, so they can help you every step of the way. If you want more information on exporting then please contact our exporting guide here.

Need help buying a new or used car in the USA? We’ve got handy guides tailor-made just for you! Want to learn about the latest bike news from the region and around the world? We’ve got you covered with our dedicated blog of Cars, bike news!


Auto Motorcycles creates a superior riding experience with its transformational line of electric-powered motorcycles. Our people are driven by innovation, charged by passion, guided by integrity, and measured by results.

With an unwavering focus on quality, we are committed to delivering exceptional value, performance, and fun for our customers and partners worldwide.